Irina Gorevaya

Irina Gorevaya
Good morning, I am Irina Gorevaya, one of ™ Chicken House restaurants’ production manager.
Everything was gradual and natural in my career, we can say, in the best traditions of the company "Chicken House". At first I was a cashier waiter - I liked it much because I worked, in my opinion, at the most popular facility in the city of Tver. This is an object with a special pace and rhythm of work: a constant flow of guests through all day and night.
After a while I was offered an internship as an administrator - there was no limit to my joy because I was so eager to do so! This position has always been a benchmark for me, kind of an example to follow. Of course, joy wasn't the only feeling I was overwhelmed with - I knew what responsibility fell on my shoulders and how important it was not to fall into the mud! Enormous thanks to my supervisor for his support, wise advice and mentoring. Internships and adaptation to the post of administrator were easy.
I believe that our path depends only on ourselves. There is always something to strive for, and, of course, my aspirations and interest did not stop at the post of administrator. While working as an administrator, I gradually plunged into the production processes, and when in 2006 the choice was made as to which way to move forward - everything was obvious to both me and the management: I was going to the position of the head of production.
My motto is: "No one will ever do what you have to do for you. No one will ever grow up for you, learn for you and raise a Leader in you.